Jon O'HaraEdmonton

Great guys. I was running late to meet their closing time and spoke to Wes and they stayed open an extra couple of mins on a Friday afternoon of all times. Definitely recommend. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.


The staff are educated and experienced and more than willing to help. Alot of these type of places that cater to professional trades and won't give you the time of day if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. So far they've been 10/10 for having the parts I needed in stock.

Justin GirouxVancouver

5 stars in every way! Rod, Sergio, and the staff at Soper's Supply in Vancouver are the real deal. I paid less than anywhere online for the bathroom fan motor I needed while getting their expertise on selecting the correct model. They had to do some problem solving for my needs, and worked out great. Thank you!

Brian TiessenSurrey

Very knowledgeable staff. Greg diagnosed my motor problem right away and they had the replacement capacitor in stock for an immediate repair. Highly recommend them.

Daryl EmWinnipeg

Friendly, reliable, and down to earth people working here. Good place to get motors