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Company History

Although we have new ownership, the motor business that is now Nidec Motor Corporation was originally established in 1890 in St. Louis, MO as the foundation business of Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company. John Wesley Emerson, a Civil War Union veteran, established the company to manufacture electric motors using a patent owned by the Scottish-born brothers Charles and Alexander Meston. In 1892 Emerson’s business became the first to sell electric fans in the United States then quickly expanded its product line to include electric sewing machines, electric dental drills, and power tools.

Our flagship brand is U.S. MOTORS®, a name also recognized in electric motors for more than 100 years.. Products that carry this name were born of the United States Electrical Manufacturing Company, which in 1908 began building electric motors in a 4,000 square foot facility in Los Angeles, California, with 17 employees. In 1962, Emerson Electric acquired the company and it became U.S. Electrical Motors Division of Emerson Electric Co. The merger strengthened both companies and added a strong group of products to the Emerson family.

Today, variable speed operation and improved energy efficiency are key drivers for the markets served by Nidec Motor Corporation. Over the years, we have developed high-efficiency products using three main motor technologies: brushless DC (BLDC), controlled induction (CIM) and Switched Reluctance (SR) designs. Recently, SR motors have received increasing attention because they offer similar performance to BLDC motors without the need to use costly rare earth magnets in their manufacture. In addition, their robust construction and efficiency over a wide speed range make them well-suited to a variety of applications including hybrid and electric vehicles.